You will need to build the driver from http: You can find useful tips under linux. Calling it a RAID is a sad joke. Fully function in CentOS 5 Linux version 2. December 11, at 5: May 11, at

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July 9, at 7: I mean come on. Adaptec Technical Support Then I get a customer adaltec survey in email to fill out. However, it seems like a few of you have gotten the card to work with Linux drivers.

windos November 6, at 7: I can tell you that I personally have NO plans to purchase ANY more hardware from Adaptec and I will advise all the technology departments that I can to also follow this plan.

That means that as soon as something attempts to write to the drive it gets written, but you are limited to the speed the drive can write information.

Adaptec makes crap hardware anymore. I wrote them to ask if there was any possibility of support for something else and they were less than helpful.


With a low-end Adaptec fake-raid in a server with slow CPU, it is probably more cost effective to buy a complete new server, install the OS, controller card and rebuild the array from there.

Adaptec 1420SA is JUNK!

There is no reason for it in either Windows or Linux since both OSes already have that in them. August 14, at 2: Proudly powered by WordPress.

Calling it a RAID is a sad joke. Just the RAID functionality is a drama? Posted on September 7, aar–1420sa Brent. August 23, at 6: Man how expensive is a real hardware solution for an 0,1,10 RAID device. Adaptec is not a company someone really need today.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: SA and SA bit Windows Driver v Download Detail

April 25, at 2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4. Adaptec sa in raid 1 mode cc willnot mirror. You have to click on a secondary link to learn that, oops, sorry, only the enterprise SP1 version of SuSE is supported. Write cache not catch means that the memory on the card caches the writes so that the OS can go on, and then as the drives can handle the data it writes it out. Justin, so did some aspect of their driver suddenly make the card a true hardware RAID card? January 8, at 7: Today i discovered that.


The support is also tied specifically to one version of the kernel, so if you want to update your kernel to fix security issues you are screwed as well. Even if it means we do not use Raid. BSOD with a 0xb.

Adaptec – Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID SA

Then I get a customer satisfaction survey in email to fill out. Luckily I decided to surf the net and see what the reviews on the card were like.

You will need to build the driver from http: Must using CentOS 5 Linux version 2. Are they a bit crappy?