The linked TechNet article talks about dual signing to overcome this. Microsoft Authenticode, which is based on industry standards, allows developers to include information about themselves and their code with their programs through the use of digital signatures. It also allows you to detect if a program has been tampered with – for example, infected by a virus. The certificate data includes the publisher’s public cryptographic key. Running the downloaded setup executable within Windows 10 Fast Ring is buggy.

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The certificate is typically part of a chain of such certificates, ultimately referenced to a well-known CA such as VeriSign. Current versions of the major web browsers running under Windows display a security warning when you run software downloaded from the Internet, which shows whether the download has been digitally signed or not.

All About Authenticode

Email Required, but never shown. With digitally-signed catalog files. When viewing the properties of the just downloaded setup executable, it shows the signature, and tells me that the signature is valid.

What looks a bit strange to me is that the root certificate “thawte” still authenhicode SHA Is this page helpful? I’ve signed on Windows Server R2 with the same behaviour. You authentiocde have to decide for yourself whether to trust that individual or company. For Windows Vista bit and Windows 7 the signing process has changed.


Authenticode Digital Signatures – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

In addition, there is also a similar SO posting which didn’t help me further. Running the downloaded setup executable within Windows 10 Fast Ring is buggy.

The catalog file is then signed with an embedded signature. Let us know what you think. Authenticode is a technology developed by Microsoft to authenticodee computers to verify the origin of programs, documents and other computer files.

I would have expected that this still causes SmartScreen worries, but it seems it doesn’t. A more active approach must be taken to make the Internet a reliable medium for distributing software.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that the code auhenticode been altered while being downloaded.

They further link to their own instructions which talk about kernel mode software only. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. If the program has authhenticode signed, the Properties window will have a Digital Signatures tab, showing who signed the file and when they signed it.

Older downloads from our website, signed with the same Authenticode certificate do not trigger the warning. Signing and Checking Code with Authenticode. Independent software vendors ISVs must obtain a certificate from a certification authority that is trusted by default in Windows.


Sign up using Email and Password. Authenticode is a Microsoft code-signing technology that identifies the publisher authentlcode Authenticode-signed software.

It is issued by a CA only after that authority has verified the software publisher’s identity. The list of test categories can be found at Certification Test Reference. However, the person or organization that signed the software had to prove who they were to the authority that issued the certificate.

I can think of possible reasons: Sign up using Facebook. Sorry, I’ve no idea, I saw this link on the Inno Setup history page and thought it was relevant.

Authenticode allows users to verify the identity of the software publisher by chaining the certificate in the digital signature up to a trusted root certificate. Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. The most common use of Authenticode is to certify software that runs on Microsoft Windows.