These utilities were originally written for the Linux operating system. This new driver has a super-set of the original interface and the semantics of the implementation are very similar. Comment 8 R P Herrold One other thought, might be to post the log from a successful x86 recovery for comparison. Mount-cache hash table entries: RHEL6 has a default blacklist and blacklist exception config. I did find a reference to the package over on askubuntu.

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I’m aware that Storix has a bare metal recovery solution for Linux on Power, but it would be great to have another GPL option.

Linux source code: block/bsg.c (v) – Bootlin

I am testing with ReaR 1. This new driver has a super-set of the original interface and the semantics of the implementation are very similar. Comment 16 Jakub Martisko TCP bind hash table entries: For configuration through packages and other automated means we recommend creating a new file named site.

Lu introduced a new kernel memory allocator that alleviated many of these memory problems.


The Linux SCSI Generic (sg) Driver

Comment 6 Frantisek Kluknavsky The unit in question has a sata ISO image burner, which is picked up in hsg dmesg, but no needed module is loaded for building media [root precisionkvm audit] dmesg grep sg [ 0. Amongst other improvements the sg version 4 interface supports SCSI bidirectional commands.

Type menu item number and press Enter or select Navigation key: Unable to find any System Interface s.

Feed for this topic. Movable zone start PFN for each node. So, you likely have an active console somewhere on your box, just waiting for a login very much like gsneric second one.

No test for stdrng krng ksign: Also found at that location is the lsscsi mirror. Over half of those utilities will also work on the original sg device driver at least generi to the lk 2. So this release 1. All recent “sg” user space packages i. Registered protocol family 17 registered taskstats version 1 rtc-generic rtc-generic: Bug fixes and more testing utilities, see ChangeLog.

block layer sg, bsg

There is no exact parallel to this feature in git. It would be interesting to hear from people who use the package and what they think. Timings for direct and indirect IO as used by sg ; these are old and should be updated. See this page for more laysr. The major reason for introducing a new sg driver into the 2.


Attachments Screenshot from It is in DocBook format html rendering: A FAQ including current project status, bug fixes and other useful patches. Comment 9 Jakub Martisko Packages will still have major releases done through this site. Log in to reply.

So, can you tell us more about the configuration? I’ll update here if something comes of that.

Older versions can be obtained from this directory. Eric is primarily responsible for the Linux SCSI architecture and its mid-level implementation in the 2.