You can easily set-up this Dell CW color printer. Start Click to stir the toner. To specify the paper density. This printer gives you a high quality of outputs with affordable price. See “Print Media Guidelines” on page for more information. A new printer object will be added to the Printers folder. When you turn the printer on, the wizard screen to perform the initial setup appears on the operator panel.

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To set Color Registration Adjustment individual yellow, magenta, cyan ow settings. To enable or disable each protocol. Restart Printer Click Start to reboot the printer. Eric Root Eric Root. This prevents items from being changed accidentally.

And you need to click Copy settings to the Host in the above list and reboot the machine of the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool in the destination printer to verify if the settings were actually copied or not. The IP socket mmmmm is a variable c6160w between 0 and Receive Time-Out Sets the receive time-out period from 1 to seconds.

Select a value between 5 and 30 minutes for the Sleep mode if you want a balance between energy consumption and a shorter warm-up period.

Dell C1660w Color Printer

If you select Off, go to step 8. Start Click to initialize the system parameters. Manual Subnet Mask Manually sets the subnet mask.


After executing this function and rebooting the printer, all the menu parameters, except the parameters for the network, are reset to their default values. Loading Print Media 4 Before loading the print media, flex the sheets back and forth, and then fan them.

Only use paper able to withstand high temperatures without discoloring, bleeding, or releasing hazardous emissions.

Dell Cw Color Printer

Changing the firewall settings before installing your printer If you delll running one of the following operating systems, you must change the firewall settings before installing the Dell printer software: Proceed to step Auto-Off Timer feature is available only in certain regions. Yes Performs the initial setup for the printer. Ethernet connection is available only for Dell Cnw Color Printer. About the Printer 23 Securing the Printer To protect your printer from theft, you can use the optional Kensington lock.

Disable Disables the Port port.

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Determining Values On the color registration chart printed, find the straightest lines where the two black lines and the colored line are most closely aligned for each color Y, M, and C. To initialize NVM non-volatile memory for system parameters. To display the information of your printer. To fill out printer inventory reports requiring the asset tag number of all the printers in your area, use the Printer Information feature in the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool. For a six page document, rear sides are printed in the order of page 6, page 4, then page 2.


Unacceptable Paper The following paper types are not recommended for use with the printer: If you are an administrator on the computer, click Yes; otherwise, contact your administrator to continue the desired action.

Before performing any of the following procedures, read and follow the safety instructions in the Important Information. Will determine if the problem is likely the printer or the driver.

Dwll Prints a chart to check for ghost printing. The Order window automatically appears when low toner is detected. Access denial by the Sets the maximum number that the administrator fails to log in.

You can either choose to see driver updates by Service Tag or to select one from the list according to your OS, Category, Importance, and Release. Links to the Dell web page.