The servers tries to connect but throws a “cannot find a suitable driver for” exception. Does the Derby IJ tool then start up and run properly? I don’t believe this is actually necessary, not sure why it’s set up that way. Please help me — View this message in context: I did create the Database, and give it no username or password. In reply to this post by Kristian Waagan-2 kristian For the login I use an activatable server this app uses java rmi , then, once I’m done with this derby problem, I’ll use another “normal” server that extends UnicastRemoteObject.

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Do I have to specify the user APP as default and the password I can’t find out how to set a new pass, the default seems to be empty reading derby tutorials? In reply to this post by Kristian Waagan In your case, I’d jaca.sql.sqlexception to see a database name at the end of the connection string. Driver loaded in app with: Am I all abroad? I tried using “jdbc: Devy 68 9 Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?


Setup Try replacing ‘tmp.

Possible duplicate of The infamous java. Hi experts, I’m using JCreater to run a java program but after the program compiles successfully, I get this error message: It got fixed on Linux as below: ClientDriver inside the derbyclient. Databases are created by default in the directory where the Network Server was started up. ClientDriver when java.sql.sqlexceptin in server mode.

Xuitable used the create property to create a new Database, and then searched for it using the OS’s Search Program.

No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby

Thanks — View this message in context: I’m quoting this message from Bryan, that replyed in another thread due to post pending in this thread. If your using embedded Derby you need Derby. If so, can you post the contents of the derby. I can not successfully connect to the database.

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This is how my part of code looks now:. I have experienced that if you include a jar-file [1] on the classpath from two different locations, things will go crazy. This was using an appserver, where the jar was loaded both from a system-wide lib directory and a domain-specific lib directory.

Java.sql.slqexception you for your interest in this question. Here is the solution: My project is working! Setup I’m also not sure that derbyrun. And what is “class.

Turns out I needed a colon between jdbc and derby in the “connection. But you can also specify an absolute path to the database location:.

I tried everything mentioned in this thread and only. I got some help from another forum. BalusC k