The standard fonts are listed in order. OK Stop the current print job from the software program When you send the print job, a. The Default setting produces the same result as 3- Hole. Cancel a print job Stop the current print job from the control panel Press the Cancel button on the control panel. For more information about entering text and characters, see Types of Setup screens on page At the main Setup window, press the button for the Setup you want to access. Setup provides these groups of options:

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If your segment has only one zone, the Fiery X3eTY is assigned to that zone automatically. If the display window breaks and the liquid crystal material leaks out, do not inhale, ingest, or touch it. View Server List displays the list of file servers that have already been selected to communicate with the Fiery X3eTY. You can set up a maximum of eight file server connections.

Konica Minolta Fiery X3e drivers Windows 7

This publication is protected by copyright, and all rights are reserved. Only one choice is displayed at a time, in highlighted text.

When you choose OK, you return to the Bindery Setup menu. Therefore, the Direct connection provides a measure of security for sensitive files. Select Simulation to simulate an output device that is not the device to which you are printing. fiiery


This function requires the Administrator password, if one has been set see Passwords on page Operational Mode deletes the job after it is printed, but firry the next job is processed. Adjust the placement of text and images on a page so that they are correctly aligned on the sheet of paper and both sides of a duplex sheet have the exact same alignment.

Tips for optimizing your publications for commercial printing If you need to print a publication in higher quantities or with better quality than you can get on your desktop printer, you will want to take. This may slow down other network jobs.

Fiery X3eTY 50_45C-KM Color Server. Print Options

Configuration The Configuration page gives the current server and device configuration. Passwords are case-sensitive and can be any combination of letters and numbers up x3efy 19 characters. Timeout sec [] Specify the timeout.

For mixed-platform networks, x3ey the option that gives the best overall representation of the special characters you use. If you experience printing problems, set this option to No. Verify New Password Reenter the new password, exactly as you entered it initially. Foreword Welcome Printer Management Utility is a device control utility.

Specify Blank if you want a blank back cover. This option is only available for Windows printer drivers.

Choose Enter Login Name to enter your own login name and password or log in as a guest. Contact Us name Please enter your name. If the Printed queue is not enabled, jobs are deleted 35c–km the Fiery X3eTY hard disk immediately after they are printed.


If an error occurs while you are performing a job toService sends an error message to the Administrator Address specified. You can print the following pages from the submenu that appears: This setting is available when you add a new user for FTP printing. For information, see Setting passwords on page Use this button to view other screens.

Konica Minolta Fiery X3e drivers Windows 7

Language support Installing the Universal Print Driver To use the Fiery utilities and WebTools, you must enable at least one of the print connections.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through the alphanumeric symbols to make your selection.

This z3ety is designed to use black toner efficiently, by using only black rather processed blackand to reduce click charges a single black-and-white charge, instead of four when using a processed black. How to build a file for successful printing.