The i5’s preloaded maps cannot be changed but additional maps can be added to its TransFlash card. Garmin Gets You There I decided to buy this Garmin StreetPilot i3 GPS Receiver because I had enough money in PayPal to pay for it, and because I have had more than my share of problems trying to find certain places without gettng lost; never mind all those claims that guys don’t need assistance getting somewhere. There are a number of ready made OSM maps with MapSource installers, the easiest way is probably to use garmin. The i3 can be told to shut off at the end of map loading if you wish. I spend most of my time on the road in west Iowa or going into east Nebraska, and have family in the Kansas City area where Garmin is located , so usually I only need to have it give me info for a four-state area.

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Corrected behavior when searching Near a selected point to begin at uppermost level of the ‘find’ menu. One concern of mine with other gps units such as the Garmin 26×0 line has been their high visibility to potential thieves, and the corresponding ease with which they can be stolen.

Garmin StreetPilot i3 Automotive Mountable

I asked my wife who is a preschool teacher garmij about as non-technical a person as you will find to give the unit a try for several days and she found it to be extremely helpful.

Enhanced proximity alarm tone generation. However, if you are going from, say, Chicago to San Francisco and back to Miami with a stop in Denver, you might load detailed maps for the four urban areas of interest and let the basemap be your guide THROUGH other areas and still have lots of empty memory in your user map cartridge for other areas.


I especially like the “food, gashotels and restaurant” feature for when you’re on the road,traveling Otherwise, I might create one later if I can pull this off.

I recommend it highly unless you are one of those people who have the primo model. Usually it slightly underestimates the time principally as a result of unexpected traffic congestion which randomly occurs. It extrapolates my current course and speed, and since the road is windy, it projects my course onto a different road than I am actually on.

The big question is whether it can be done. Overall, I must say that every edition is better than the one before as to routing problems. Well, the i3 is small, too. Lets ALL do it! The i3 comes with a suction cup mount that will hold to any smooth surface. I’m not sure if there is any ready made OSM maps with less detail, otherwise you can create some yourself.

Changes made from version 3.

Garmin StreetPilot i3 Automotive Mountable | eBay

In other cases the unit told me to turn where a turn was impossible due to the installation of a median one or two years ago. Is there a subscription services necessary for this device?

You further acknowledge that the streepilot, organization, and code of the Software are valuable trade secrets of Garmin and that the Software in source code form remains a valuable trade secret of Garmin. He sent me these instructions for correcting garmi problem.


Enhanced audio file management. Fixed a problem where a user’s scroll position was lost after long searches. This is a minor irritation for some people but if you just ignore the problem when it rarely occurs, things work out fine. Corrected issue matching diacritic characters with base characters while searching for roads.

The unit shreetpilot lose road lock every time I climbed the hill to my house, but picked it up again as soon as there was some separation between the upper and lower road.

Subjective Observations of Performance. Hope this helps and happy bidding. However, some of the locations of restaurants, hotels, etc.

GPS Review – Garmin Street Pilot i3

However, automatic changeover from night to day mode as needed is provided. The i3’s ‘day’ and ‘night’ color modes. The setup DVD was easy to use and gzrmin went well mostly.

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At these prices there is no excuse or reason to even contemplate the purchase. To get maps that cover more of the route you want, you could use maps with smaller tiles, and with less details.