Tried this yesterday, worked at first go! RetroPie submitted 3 years ago by cambaio. A couple things that I noticed today though are that pressing buttons on the controller when it’s connecting “activates” the controller. Contributions to the project are always appreciated, so if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so here. However, it is a very tiny hole and hard to see on the backside. I didn’t change anything in the terminal.

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New USB device strings: Dunno if my experiences are helpful or correct!

I unplugged it and pressed the P3 button ggasia the last led turned off then all but the first one. It probably requires some reverse engineering in order to modify the sixaxis plugin for bluez.

Gamepad detected but can’t use hotkeys #help #gamepad #gasia #hotkey – RetroPie Forum

Thank you for that I got almost to the end here. RP3 model b, external bluetooth dongle, gasia fake ps3 controller same as this post.

gampad You are simply missing some header files dependencies for compilation of the package. But I wasn’t sure at the time and tried every option.


I have a Gasia Gamepad configured like this: USB disconnect, device number 6 Mar 17 I usually press the P3 button on the Retropie splashscreen. Want to add to the discussion? I decided not to publish your instructions here, because they mainly deal with the sixad daemon, which already works very well on the Retro Pi distribution. I’m thinking that my next option is to delete and install again all, but I wouldn’t like that. gamepsd

See the Hosting Information page for more information. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. According to your dump, you have blueZ 5. Be aware that name might differ between distributions. If I configure a gaasia as a gamepad and used hotkeys on it it works, but not in my gamepad.

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I was able to get one working using https: I kinda figured something like that gaasia be an issue though. Contributions to the project are always appreciated, so if you would like to support us with a donation you can do so here.

Sixpair shows same address for current and setting master which is my RPi3 bt mac. Hi Thiago, thank you for your elaborate answer. RetroPie Tutorial for Gmepad Pi 2. What i am doing wrong?


Handshake success connection complete. Hosting provided by Mythic-Beasts. Command not found Makefile: What steps did you take? When i try to get informations about my Controller, dmesg shows nothing about my controller.

Setting up PS3 controllers on Retropie (Gasia/ Shanwan clones) | Yet another Raspberry Blog …

What option did you choose exactly? No vibration or Knight Rider pattern.

Please make sure gaxia have build-essentials and header files installed. I’ve installed through menu, but the controllers only work when plugged in via USB. First time I just tapped it and it connected but no input was detected so I held it before disconnecting usb gamepa hitting PS button and success. I did get it to Bluetooth pair a few times with scl on pc but it will rumble forever with light 1 on.