Leave a Reply Cancel reply. With all the regular elements, you would use getText to get the “text” of an element, but input elements W3C input form control spec are special – the “text” is kept under the value attribute. Email me if my answer is selected or commented on. The result of this statement is a string text. Moving mouse pointer to a specific location or element using C and Selenium asked Jun 25 in Selenium by Martin 4, points selenium-webdriver selenium selenium-testing selenium-java. Clicking the Link by locating it using XPath Statement aada. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: My area of interest is Automation testing.

Locating different elements using a single CSS path aadm. Introduction to CSS selectors aadc. Sign up to get answers to your questions via experts on Edureka Community. Entering an integer variables value into a text box field using sendKeys command aafv.


Using gettext() method for the specific element using Selenium WebDriver | edureka! Forum

Using sendKeys command for entering multiple lines of text into a Text Area field aaee. Using click – predefined method to select a radio button aabf. Using sendKeys predefined method for entering text aabe. Using click command for deselecting a check box option aaen. Your comment on this answer: Using sendKeys command to select a list item seleniuk the drop down field aaet. Locate UI elements by Link aaay. Introduction to JUnit aaai. Using to combine XPath Statements aacp.

Thanks to Mukesh Otwani as his tutorials are easy and cover basics to advance.

Using isEnabled to find out whether the button is enabled aaer. Pages Home Selenium Video Tutorials.

I used to make notes. Email me at this tettext if my answer is selected or commented on: Please comment below to feedback or ask questions.

WebDriver Class and its Predefined Methods aaan. Email me if my answer is selected or commented on Privacy: Now lets follow the below steps to type the retrieved text into the Text Box field.


For above html code: Using click predefined method for selecting a check box option aabg. Already have edureka account? Your name to display optional: Please enter a valid emailid.

Your answer Your name to display optional: Understanding how close and quit commands work when only one window is opened aaek. Sign up gettexg Facebook.

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Post as a guest Name. Using click for clicking a button aafi. Your comment on this question: There is 1 response to this question on Selenium.