While the backside may look a little busy to the golf purist, at address the irons setup real clean. I had to get used to the very light swingweight since I was used to D-2 and D I ended up winning the closest to the hole with a well struck 9 iron. Shots were mainly straight and Longer than my beloved Rams and Mizunos. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

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That being said, it is certainly possible to hit knockdown shots with these clubs and lower the overall flight. I was hitting it pure by the end. When Ping had their Demo day at the course, I went and was fitted by the ping rep.

Ping i15 Irons Review – Golfalot

So I hit the next shot with the same 4 iron with my confidence shattered from the swing before with a very slow swing. Hit a set of i15s today.

Now, out of the rough? Better players are using them, and I just might make the switch. Then I tried the Ping i10s, but was disappointed with the distance that I lost. revieq

Freakish forgiveness at the cost of a little feel? Just pick up a new set at a PING demo day. TIme better spent lowering my handicap to single. Great sticks, very forgiving, workable, decent feel.


PING i15 Irons Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

By the time the i15s get to the 6-iron or so they matched up well with the others. Just got fitted for i15 last Saturday. We would recommend augmenting the set with Ping Tour W wedges, particularly if you clhb the size of the i15 wedge too small. I always knew where on the face I had hit the ball and I find that level of feedback to be critical to my game, especially while practicing.

I actually took my 5 iron in to the store to compare with the i15 in the indoor range and that difference was unbelievable. Have most of the model mid to higher line irons A2, TP ect.

Is it worth tracking down a model of the I 15? Overall, and in a variety of situations, the i15s performed extremely well.

The top line is relatively thin for an iron with this much forgiveness and the offset in the shorter irons is pretty minimal. But the i15 gives a more exciting feeling as I can shape it when I want to.

I am standard length with Red Cub. Priced per club Graphite: For those golfers trying to decide between G15 or I15, it depends more on how you play with offset irons. Get fitted, because the shaft made a huge difference in trajectory and carry distance. Out of all of the club types I trialled the Ping i15’s provided the greatest consistancy for hitting my target area and offered my pretty good forgiveness for the strike that may have been just off perfect!


I have been playing Project-X shafts in most of my irons recent, so I am accustomed to that flatter trajectory. I just purchased a set of I15 irons, blue dot as recommended in fitting.

I expected the worst of a yd weak fade.

PING i15 Irons Review

Sean, thank you for the thoughtful review. However, if your game relies on generating a lot of spin out of the rough, then maybe you should stick with the pre rule grove irons. I do still have the i15s in the bag and still stick to my thoughts from the original clbu.

What do you guys think? Maybe this will start another thread?