I am going to be re-shafting my driver soon and am not sure what to use to clean the club head. Which is doubtless on me, but I found no love with this club, and am sticking to my beloved Cally. I like the I but lack ball striking consistency. Hope to see you on the forums soon! Back when I was in the business, it was easy to tell a factory set of Pings from a shade-tree set just by the epoxy. Thus, leaning toward the i15 — also due to my reluctance to change brands. Aug 13, Messages:

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I was wondering if the ball flight is a lot like the g10s? So my friend hsel his Ping i15 off right at the top of the hosel. I was looking for a driver that can be consistent.

Hunt around for some top deals. Featured Reshaft Ping irons?

I have to hit the things absolutely pure for them to go anywhere resembling a straight line…otherwise its a shank off into the woods. I’m gonna hoseo tipping the shaft 1″ and reweighting for a 44″ total length. When I bought my i10s used they were standard at D0 with the ZZ shafts and they felt dead. Just send the mods a message and we’ll approve it as soon as we can.


Specs and Extras The i15 is available in left or right-handed models in three lofts.

Ping i15 Driver Review

I have had iron hosels turn red and still not have the epoxy break down. Which is why I was really surprised when the i15 appeared to have a slightly closed face. If anything, the thicker sole and lower center of gravity helped with those lies, as you could catch them a tad thin and still get a fairly normal ballflight and distance.

Jul 25, Messages: My old driver was a G-5 which I was married to for several years but I am remarried to the I15 driver. The first round out was ok but the second round the next day was hoael, I pnig 5 stores below my handicap.

Reshaft Ping irons? |

Managed to negotiate a 9 hole playing lesson and a couple of free clinics to better than bridge the difference. Maybe shots to get the feel if a shot is needed, but in general they stick with their bread and butter. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

At first my intention was to go for Hoswl for the extreme forgiveness. Amateur club repair looking for advice shaft too big for hosel self.

Do you think they are worth buying the new irons? The normal adjustments one would make for a cuppy lie — moving the ball back a smidge in your szie to ensure a bit more downward angle of attack — worked just fine with the i15s.


PING i15 Irons Review

The shaft means more to playing well than even Tom Wishon states in his book. Better players are using them, and I just might make the switch.

Just got fitted for i15 last Hpsel.

The most prominent feature on the i15 is the tungsten weight low in the toe to add forgiveness. I might have an i15 shaft laying around somewhere in x-stiff.

Go to the range at a tour event. You should never do this ever.

Wize admit that I held out on the hybrid craze longer than made sense. Thus, leaning toward the i15 — also due to my reluctance to change brands. I like the I but lack ball striking consistency. It takes a ridiculous amount of heat to break down. Those better players can probably work the ball AND control distance at the same time.

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