Advertise with us Privacy Terms. It’s slightly lighter but spec wise pretty darn close to Ping’s stock R flex offering. Some tools to clean out the hosels and prep them for reshafting. Want to join this community? Grip tape, grips, and grip solvent for the gripping process alternatives exist, but 2 sided grip tape and solvent are easy to work with.

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Please log in to reply. The problem is that at the higher temperature, the epoxy can get very “thin”, so much that if you have a poor fit between the shaft wall and the hosel, the epoxy can pool downward rshaft make a less than ideal bond.

How long do you need to let shafts sit after a reshaft?

It was a LOT harder to describe how to do it than to actually do a reshaft. Never had a failure and I’ve done it this way for close to 20 years. I usually put mine on an index card longg if the epoxy on the card doesn’t “SNAP” when I bend the card then it’s not ready for play.

Put the double-sided grip tape on about halfway around, peel the excess off, then push down the rest of the tape. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.


Reshaft through Ping?

I find that the 24 is good to work with withing the 24, and maybe sooner, but I wait around 8 min before handling anything with the 5 minute epoxy, and probably a good 15 before I use it at all. Ballard on Length of Backswing. Slight fade from left to right but it was so much more controllable and consistent with my rezhaft.

How soon after can I start using it? Some will take up to 2, but it is usually the technique. Some recommend items include some leather gloves or some sort of device to help twist the clubhead off of the shaft that will protect your hand from the heat. By zhangtony in forum Instruction. By zhangtony in forum Instruction Replies: Started by Barto78May rfshaft Adam PettmanApr 16, Oct 6, Messages: It takes forever, and sometimes, it absolutely WON’T get the glue hot enough no matter how long you are going at it.

New driver or reshaft – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

It is much much faster than that. Well I lobg serveral vices so no worries there! And now you see why so many of us have gotten into building and reshafting and regripping ourselves.

I’ll be sure to use put some extra epoxy out and ensure it breaks clean to test that its cured correctly. Ask the tip for hitting long iron. Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake.


You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfWRX such as viewing all the images, interacting with members, access to all forums and eligiblility to win free giveaways. It also depends on how much epoxy you use per application. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. If using normal, put it on tomorrow. I just had my old ones gripped with the green lampkin and I tk them already.

If you leave the club out in a cold garage or basement it can take longer so give it an extra day. Some little things that expand on reshafting. When the epxoy starts to bubble out, reshwft and wipe down the hosel. I can do it-anyone can uow it. Fall colors pre peak.