Disc Golf Review Archive. I love my Katana however my scores aren’t dropping any because of it. Innova Katana – Blizzard Champion. It is a double edged sword. So then I bought a max weight Pro Katana on my way out to the Circle R courses, which ended up being slightly more stable. Find all posts by TxDiscGolfBoy. Innova Katana – Pro Driver Dyed.

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Find all posts by solomon.

Katana – Innova Disc Golf

Send a private message to steven Send a private message to skurf. I have star, pro, and champ.

Is the risk of a disc going hundreds of feet off target worth the potential money shot? Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by skurf.

INNOVA Disc Golf Pro Shop | Pro Katana | The Choice of Champions

I also use it for most of my drives into a headwind. Recently, this 52 year old 3’d a ‘ hole from 45’ behind the pin with 2 Pro Katana drives.

Innnova have a set of three wraiths in my bag and the most used champ will fly like this Katana, so I took that Katana out of my bag. Still an amazing disc for those right turning fairways, and straight shots hyzer flip have to keep a boss or nuke for the hyzer bombs though.


Originally Posted by discin Tustin, CA Years Playing: Austin, TX Years Playing: It was built with the finesse thrower in mind. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors.

Not called a “Sidewinder on Steriods” for nothing It takes a while to turn over and glides really well. Innova Katana – Champion Dyed. The physical characteristics of this disc golf disc resemble a Boss with flight characteristics of a Sidewinder on steroids.

Innova Katana – GStar. I rear back, launch it as hard as I can on a decent hyzer angle, but it ends up turning over, going over the spotter’s head and staying just high enough to clear every single tree on the hill, fly over the fence-line of boundary the course’s property, over the county road, over the people’s fence across the road, and over their trees, landing somewhere in the woods of the neighbor’s ranch.

Innova Katana – Pro Driver

User Name Remember Me? I had an X-out Pro Destroyer that was probably more durable than any of the star discs I have. I have several stars and several champs. Innova Katana – Blizzard Champion. And if not that specific wraith, well, I can throw a sidewinder flip dosc pretty well and get great distance.


Pro Katana

Contact Us – Archive – Top. The Innoca Pro Driver Katana is a stable distance driver. Send a private message to PanicKJ. Find all posts by discin Have others that will do the work for me At the same time you may have a bad throw with it that puts you feet in the wrong direction.

Find all posts by bettsjc. About Pro plastic in general – it starts out being slightly less overstable. Contact Us – Archive – Top. The funny thing is that every Katana that I have thrown has been differant.