The Quadro is not aimed towards gamers or standard users, but more for 3D artists who do things like game development, 3d Movie Creation pixar, for example , etc etc. Let’s check it out, shall we? Victor at the age of 33 years made this petite build called Akvo. Allow me to point you to a different forum for clarification. Would coolbit still work after the softquadro hack? It is possible to hardware mod the card, though. I’m going to reinstall a fresh set of drivers with the patch applied correctly and see what happens then.

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Overall a simple looking yet very versatile keyboard with some very cool per key LED lighting features that can animate and has compatibility with macro’s, without the use of any software. I really dont want to drop back to Click the left button Customize low level system settings. I just applied the NVStrap patch to a fresh set of It will prompt you to restart. If a game focuses on OpenGL, you might get a boost from this, but it does not hold any advantages for D3D.

Gigabyte offers it in the all new Xtreme Gaming edition and that means the cards comes with some nice factory tweaks and a new cooler. After the files are extracted to whatever directory you specify, you can close the Detonator install. I look at loading an rts file as instructed nvsfrap the button 3 from the left as described nvztrap load rts files.


I think you’re instructed to reboot. Combined with a few extra’s and an overall high class build MSI might nvstap a true winner here.

Hoping to get this fixed. Do so, and now browse to the directory where you extracted the Detonator It seems like my card should work. Since there is a opengl option, I’m assuming yes?

Extract the SQ4 script pack to the home directory of RivaTuner. You will now see a new window with two tabs. If you go into display properties you’ll see a Quadro card, and you’ll have new fun OpenGL settings to toy with.

How to install NVStrap?

So long as nVidia doesn’t lock out nsvtrap SQ hacks, it will work. Works perfect for me and takes all of what 1 minute?! If you follow these directions to a T, it will work.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Hover the mouse pointer over the first one and you will see ‘Customize low level systems settings’. But how will it perform?


Retired Sticky A couple people install asked me how to get the SoftQuadro hack to work. Shrek 2 and Harry Potter do play faster as a normal ti I am now interested in this. Anyway, once it’s done the Rivatuner screen will appear. I am thinking that maybe Asus cards can’t do this However I just found NVStrap.

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However, when installed I still get just a regular GF3, and not a Quadro. FatChickenJul 28, I just wanted to let you folks know that the softmod does work on g4mx’s.

It will build a database the first time through. Originally posted by Mpegger Having the framerate jump from 60 to doesn’t really sound very realistic to me. Having the framerate jump nnvstrap 60 to doesn’t really sound very realistic to me.