Behra began driving cars competitively in It landed heavily on its side on top of the banking. Joakim Bonnier claimed that he learned the majority of his racing skill from Behra. Conspicuously absent among those present in the racing community was Enzo Ferrari. Then the Porsche spun and went over the top of the banking, with its nose pointing toward the sky.

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It used a strip of the Autobahn 2.

His Maserati was clocked at an average speed of nearly The north and south bound lanes were fifty feet apart. At the other end was a foot 9. Behra was thrown out and for a fleeting moment he could be seen against the background of the sky, with his arms outstretched as though attempting to fly.


He hit the headlines when he won the non-title Reims Grand Prix. Behra drove a six-cylinder Gordini. Behra drove a Porsche to victory in the 6th Rouen Grand Prix. Winners of the 12 Hours of Sebring. In between there were three funeral services.

He examined Behra briefly and shook his head. He made a quick exit and took an airplane to Europe, where he left for the Grand Prix of Morocco at Casablanca.


After a career racing motorcycles, he switched to four-wheeled competition in and within three years he had moved on to Formula One, winning the non-championship race at Reims in with Gordini to establish his behda with the home fans.

Alberto Ascari led until the 19th lap but dropped back after brake failure. Behra was in a Gordini in the Panamericana road race in the Mexican state of Oaxaca in November He sometimes drove magnificently and at others he drove with a lack of enthusiasm. Behra was small in stature, stocky, and weighed pounds. Behra left a nineteen-year-old son, Jean Paul.

Racing Driver Jean Behra before crash

In he had an ear torn off from a collision. The flagpole toppled over when Behra collided with it, about halfway to its top. Views Read Edit Raing history. He circuited the 2. Inwhen he finished fourth in the drivers’ championship, he registered his best-ever grand prix result in Argentina when he finished second to team-mate Juan Manuel Fangio. Between then and he scored many racinf, but none in Formula One championship races. He was in such a hurry that he left Riverside, California in an ambulance to make his flight.

Jean Behra | | F1 Driver Profile |

It landed heavily on its side on top of the banking. Retrieved from ” https: Joakim Bonnier claimed that he learned the majority of his racing skill from Behra. Frank Biela Behhra McNish. Trintignant comforted Behra’s family and called on the young men of France to defend the colours of their country in international motor racing. He dropped Behra as a factory driver ten days before his berha and sent no remembrance to the funeral masses.


Jean Behra

Behra came down into trees and rolled almost into a street where drivers and cars often waited in a paddock to practice. Behra finished first at the Grand Prix de Pau for a second consecutive year, this time at the wheel of a Maserati. He started 19th and finished with a time of 3 hours, 41 minutes, and 44 seconds.

A hospital bulletin stated that Behra broke most of his ribs in addition to the skull fracture which killed him. The first funeral service was in Berlin, followed by another in Paris.

In he switched to Maserati and again made an immediate impression with non-championship wins at Pau and Bordeaux, but in championship races he was again off the pace.