Check for cooling fan obstructions. Table Of Contents 58 Too many disks installed The beam is turned on or off according to a print data signal coming from the system card. Page Assembly 3: Remove the HCIT media tray assembly. Page Page – Bin mailbox transport solenoid removal Page Page Page – Sheet option tray removals Page – Sheet tray media out actuator removal Page – Sheet tray frame assembly removal Page – Sheet tray controller card assembly remo

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Lexmarkk is available only in models T, T, and T Options and features Page Page – Appendix C: Remove the connection access cover, rear. Oscillating Printhead Assembly Electronic Adjustment Test Page consists of alignment diamonds, horizontal lines that can be used for skew adjustment, page count setting, printer serial number code levels, and print registration settings.

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Action For Prompts Action for Prompts This setting determines what action is required from the printer to resolve any paper- or envelope-related change prompts.

Part Duplex drive motor assembly Sensor duplex input.


A positive offset moves the text down the page and widens the top margin, while a negative offset moves the text up the page and narrows the top margin. Remove the card mount option with the media size actuator. Page Remove the four screws A securing the sheet tray frame assembly to the drawer. Output expander Parts catalog Release the hook A securing the media out actuator to the unit. Output expander right inner cover removal Remove the output expander right outer cover. Replace the pick arm assembly.

Page Assembly 8: Check the print cartridge for proper installation, and if necessary, clean and reinstall the print cartridge. Remove the cover from the duplex drive motor assembly.


Exiting the Diagnostics menu Note: Solution What you will see Software printer driver settings are ignored when printing from certain applications. Be sure to replace the sensors in the correct order. Remove the two E-clips B securing the pick arm assembly to the machine.

Sensor 5-bin Mailbox Media Bin Empty Removal Sensor 5-bin mailbox media bin empty removal Remove the 5-bin mailbox left outer cover. Step 2 Contact the next The problem is High capacity stacker Page Page – Assembly Check if the display on the operator panel changes every time the sensing area of the sensor output pass through is interrupted or blocked. Check the system board.


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T, T, and T operator panel latch assembly removal Step 7 Contact next level of Problem is solved. Page staple jam Press the latch to open the stapler door. T and T rear lower cover assembly removal Open the rear lower door. Page Remove the four screws A securing the side cover, left to the machine.

Print Technology see all. Turn the printer back on. Table Of Contents Disk Full service check Paper Tray Selection Tips and Tricks. Insert Staple Cartridge Insert staple cartridge Try one or more of the following: Page Remove kexmark four screws C securing the sheet tray pick arm bracket assembly to the drawer.