When you’re done, press enter. It’s just that there is no config file for it yet. Configuration files for Amlogic specific remotes are collected and shared in the LE9. The sighup packet is three lines. Commenting requires Javascript from ShallowSky. Note that a packet containing 0 lines of data can be a valid reply.

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Keep in mind that this will disable the other protocol decoders.

Infrared Remotes

This depends on a lot of factors: You can see this as a motivation for you to work on support for IrDA compliant hardware as I don’t have the time to do it myself. Several IR receivers support the raw lirc protocol and programs can get the raw, undecoded signals from the receiver.

Getting the key symbols using linux input layer Linux input layer driver. This guide explains how to set up Kodi to understand a universal remote’s commands so not the standard MCE remotes that work out of the box.

LIRC licd a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many but not all commonly used remote controls. When you’re done, press enter.

lircd(8) — lirc — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

It also accepts commands for IR signals to be sent if the hardware supports this. This document was created by man2htmlusing the manual pages.


Batteries can run flat and make the remote stop working. A patch to add Avermedia TV98 support to lirc Start your text editor and open the file named Lircmap. News [May ] lirc The drivers for several remotes have been moved into the kernel and this means that many of them should ‘Just Work’ out of the box.

Commenting requires Javascript from ShallowSky. For each command, lircd replies with a reply package. LibreELEC ships with over different keytable files, so there’s a good chance your remote will work with one of these.

Receiving of IR signals already works. Configuration files for Amlogic specific remotes are collected and shared in the LE9. After this test, start eventlircd and Kodi again via these commands or simply reboot systemctl start eventlircd systemctl start kodi.

Update – NEW at Close the curtains, point the camera at the IR transmitter of your remote and press buttons. But broadcasts may appear at any point between packets. My LIRC article was published in the c’t netherlands.

Here’s the first part of my working Jessie lircd. Besides a remote control you also need a capture device to read the data from the remote. Lirvd it doesn’t work, there’s a script you can try that converts older lirc conf files to a newer format.


lircd – LIRC daemon decodes infrared signals and provides them on a Unix – Linux Man Pages (8)

Now for each button do the following steps Press the button and note the scancode it generates the 0x… value after scancode: You might be able to edit the one from irrecord to make it work. It’s just that there is no config file for it yet.

Open a second ssh connection. However, LIRC offers more flexibility and functionality and is still the right tool in a lot of scenarios.

lircd(8) – Linux man page

I have made a 0. If it still doesn’t work, have a look at this site or ask on the forums. Either way, you should get an lirc.