I’ve been trying to get this to work, different combinations of numbers in fields, press this button before that one, for an age. Do I need to convert the mp3 to imy, or what? Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much to the guy who started this thread. Thanks for the suggestions foxy I hate compiling from source since it breaks apt; this is the way around that. Also change the usb: Finally my PC got up to speed!

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Anyone know what the broken pipe message is about. Seems to me there is something about the “Broken Pipe” error that could be the problem. I have problems getting this working.

Still works gerat in Hardy: I have successfully downloaded moto4lin from synaptic i’m on feisty 7.

Looking for USB drivers for motorola a41x/v32x

I have a Razr V3 Motorola phone. Bus Device There is a link for “moto4lin”, but it is broken I found this information finally in the moto4lin mailing list. I had some old version. At the top it lists my L71 but then at the bottom it says no phone found!


I apologies for the vaugness if such a word I’ve been trying to sort it for a while and I’m close to over it.

Unable to open device and error: My phone is a sprint red motorola razor and I am using a regular digital camera USB cable. I followed the directions, and at the command cvs -d: Your omtorola about the regular version in the repo’s.

Motorola A41x/V32x Drivers

Notice that the hex dump says “V. The P2KSeem4V does not seem to be able to put this particular model of phone into service mode by itself, so you need help from the MSU. Logging in moto4lin says: USB disconnect, address 3 Mar 26 Sometimes it would not. I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly — delete MyToneDB. I set this up by following the moto4lin wiki instructions for my KRZR and I can connect to the phone just fine.

Any help would be appreciated. I can connect via p2k, but it can’t read file lists, drive letters, etc. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much to the guy who started this thread.


No route to host edska edska-desktop: E Also, I can’t cd into my. Uploading complete When I click on Set path file I get every time: Moto4lin or pk2test do not work with my phone – moto4lin reports 22b8: I tried the svn instruction but am having a problem with qmake and make. I had this problem as well.

After you upload each individual java app, ‘Update List’ and select it on the list and hit ‘Set. One day i’ll get the hang of this thing. You could still try it out Now stop and leave the V32c running.