When setting password for the first time, leave the Old Password box blank and enter new password. Recording Click here to record 1. Dual channel – Dual-channel processing allows control of completely independent effects on the left and right channels. Using this mode provides faster performance, but you are restricted to using the Timeshifting feature within a limited time buffer. Mode – Select the audio quality mode. Alternatively, you can click directly in the first column, under Channel ID, next to the channel you are targeting.

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When a new task is scheduled, it is added to the Schedule task list. Please remember the password!!! Set up the Bitstream Mode by selecting the available radio box. This value is for reference only, depending on the type of memory implemented Fill Rate: Click Streaming Profile to set streaming quality.

MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS-8606 – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

Video Sliders Use the sliders in this area to adjust: Timeshifting and Playback mode differ, in that Timeshifting allows you to pause and replay live TV then resume watching it after a delay or return to real time. TMDS uses an encoding algorithm to 8-bits of data into a bit transition minimixed, DC balanced character, which are transitionminimized to reduce 860 with copper cables and DC-balanced for transmission over fiber optic cables. Click Finish to complete the initial settings.


Imporve Audio Quality You can improve the audio quality by checking the square box. Click here Input here Way 2: Alternatively, you can click directly in the first column, under Channel ID, next mssi the channel you are targeting. Before you start reading this guide, find out the product name of the card on the packing box, and look for the specification and function description in chapter 2.

Set the time for the task to occur.

Download MSI TV Tuner Master WDM Driver for Windows 2K, Windows XP

These buttons on each skin are introduced briefly here. Wait for the image sent from the Host Server Station. Click OK, and then in Audio tab click Apply to confirm the modifications you made. Select a destination location and click Next to continue.

In addition, each TV system uses a slightly different range of TV frequencies. Width x Height specifies the Video recording resolution. The higher the scan precision is set, the less stations will be received for many stations with weak signal are skipped automatically.

Check your hard disk drive before recording. Click to open the Schedule dialog box.


User`s guide | MSI 8606-020

Click Create, a schedule wizard will guide you through the set up process. Secure the card with a bracket screw.

Mai Yes to continue. The value and of Fine tune frequency scale will function to the that of Scan frequency scale to the and buttons while buttons. Confirm the password and click OK. The TV dialogue box will show the input source, region and audio mode.

The pictures used in 4. Drag the shuttle button to tune a station. Click the button anytime to stop.

Click on the display area of the control panel to mute or restore sound. At any point, you can interrupt the scanning process by pressing the Stop auto scan button. Activate the FM Memory List window and program your favorite stations directly.

Below the name of the channel is a checkbox labeled Favorite. Select program folder and click Next to continue.