Using this method the user cannot select options. The order in which they are debugged is the same order in which the MySQL server executes them. Connection pooling enables the ODBC driver to re-use existing connections to a given database from a pool of connections, instead of opening a new connection each time the database is accessed. In the Generate Database Wizard dialog select an existing connection, or create a new connection to a server. Instructions for downloading and installing Bazaar on the different platforms are available on the Bazaar Web site. For most situations, the Typical installation is suitable.

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NET does not support this format natively. At this point it is recommended that you save your solution, and build the solution to ensure that there are no errors. The Profile Provider also enables profile data to be managed effectively, for example it enables profiles that have not been accessed since a specific date to be deleted. Xwhere X.

ExecuteNonQuery – used to insert and delete data. Within Microsoft Word, this facility is most useful when importing data for mailmerge, or ovbc tables and data to be included in reports. NET Framework and Mono.

Set the value of LIBS to point to the correct thread library for your system. Note that if you are trying to use the make from Sun, you may end up with errors. Note that the MySqlDataAdapter object is passed as a parameter to the command builder. To build the driver libraries, execute make:.


For more information about MySQL functionality and its syntax, refer to http: In the example shown, we will report on cities, organized by country, incorporating a count of the number of cities within each country. In addition to the general column properties presented in the Column Editor, in the Column Properties tab you can set additional properties such as Character Set, Collation and Precision.

Data if the registration has been successful.

Index of /Downloads/Connector-ODBC/3.51

Some of these properties can have arbitrary text values, others accept values from a predefined set. To uninstall the driver, become root and execute an rpm command:. If you have very large long tables in Access, it might take a very long time to open them. To remove an index, select it in the list box on the left, and click the Delete button.

To create a new table, right-click the Tables node orbc the connection node and choose the Create Table command from the context menu.

The Table Designer main menu lets you set a primary key column, edit relationships such as foreign keysand create indexes. Note that the parameter is preceded by an ‘ ‘ symbol to indicate it is to be treated as a parameter. ExecuteReader – used to query the database.


You will now work a bit more with the Session State Provider. If you run the solution you will see that the text and drop down list are displayed, but the list is empty.

Chapter Connectors and APIs

It does not matter what name is used for the database, but record it. Connectof the web site’s web. Make sure you have a backup of your registry information before attempting any editing of the registry contents.

Before running the tests, create the DSN ‘myodbc3’ in odbc. Select the columns to use and click OK.

To select multiple options, add together their values, using the numbers from the Constant Value column in the table. Clnnector Apple’s version of GCC, both cc and gcc are actually symbolic links to gcc3. Save, build and run the solution. If you are using MySQL 5. In this part of the tutorial you will write code to populate the DropDownList control.