The Bluetooth adaptor built in works fine with the Bluetooth mouse included with this laptop. The exposed internals including memory bays of the F3sv-A1. The laptop was purchased and was taken home on the same day. You can look at it from both sides without any major distortion or color change. The design is very simple yet elegant. The Asus F3Ja also has Bluetooth 2. You open the lid by pressing a black small button at the front of the laptop.

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The included super-multi drive is Lightscribe enabled, but no software is given to use this functionality.

Horizontal viewing angle view large image. I did a Skype webcam test with my sister in New York half way across the world! The Asus F3Ja comes with a two year international warranty.

Asus W7S User Review

You can see more detail regarding the V optical mouse on Logitech. Lid open view large image. There are even two USB ports located at the rear side, which is good for external mouse users. It is an elegant and unobtrusive addition to the notebook, in contrast to some manufacturers who place the fingerprint reader as a separate unit on the palmrest. This allowed me to completely create a xorg.

It should be close to the score of There is an in-game message declaring that medium-high settings are too high for decent gameplay. The pressure is just right in my opinion, not too soft and not too hard.


I spent nearly two months trying to find a perfect laptop for myself. The keyboard is fairly noisy, but does not have any noticeable flex when typing. The Asus F3Ja comes with a mouse and a laptop messenger bag view large image view large image The mouse is a V optical mouse made by Logitech. One small problem I encountered is that it is quite annoying when you need to connect your laptop to external speakers because the headphone jack is at the front of the laptop.

I have encountered no major problems yet so there is no need for me to use their customer support. The build and design of this laptop is very nicely done. Gaming is wonderful on the F3sv, and that is expected considering the power the notebooks brings to the table.

The speakers are located at the top of the keyboard and just below the screen. Furthermore, on the right side of the notebook, a TV antenna port exists for attaching an external antenna. Sample picture taken outdoors from webcam view large image.

Indicator lights pixesl large image. The lid is made of magnesium alloy and plastic which blends well with the rest of the body; however when you v3s the screen there is still some bending but not enough to worry about it.


Asus F3sv-A1 Review

Asus also has a hotkey built for this software. The carbon fiber and plastic mixture used to make the body offers a solid design and accounts for the little flex around the laptop.

As for the touchpad mouse button, it has an Apple like design. The camera is a handy feature for video conferencing, but would be used for little else.

Asus has provided the LifeTouch software to use the video and still abilities of this camera. Pixel exposed internals including memory bays of the F3sv-A1.

Asus F3sv-A1 Review

The cooling vents are located at the left of the laptop next to the DVD burner and at the top right corner near the USB ports. The texture is smooth and comfortable. Overall this laptop packs performance in a portable laptop and has graciously met my needs. Window XP Home edition is pre-installed by Asus. This is where I am disappointed. The Asus name has been synonymous with quality notebooks, and camefa F3sv-A1 certainly exemplifies it. The audio in and out ports are featured on the front of the notebook, which is a mixed blessing for some.