Greatest eclipse occurs at This result, with an important Spanish contribution, is published today in Science. The denser environment in a cluster will cause more frequent interactions between planets and nearby stars, which may explain the excess of hot Jupiters. Just before reaching perihelion the comet appeared to disintegrate. Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy , 30 January, The largest Hubble Space Telescope image ever assembled, this sweeping view of a portion of the Andromeda galaxy M31 is the sharpest large composite image ever taken of our galactic neighbor. Additional Product Features Max.

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The event was not unexpected: January The supernova found in M82 could have reached its peak of brightnessJanuary 31 The supernova SN J was located in the Cigar Galaxy, last January 21, by a group of students and their teacher, S. Show less Show more.

In fact, at this point all mathematical tools fail, and the theory breaks down. Globular star clusters are among the oldest objects in the Universe, and NGC cannot hide its age in cqm.web picture. Gaia’s measurements will be instrumental to learn more about the nature of these ‘cosmic magnifying glasses’. Two decades dedicated to know the universe.


At closest approach on Nov. AR is by far the biggest sunspot ofstretching more thankm from end to end. The stargazing activity has been substituted for the colloquium “Descobrim l’Univers” by the astronomers Eduard Masana, J. Our server has also wanted to cover other astronomical phenomena of special interest that were not visible from here, and to make it possible, some members of our department have moved to different parts of the world and they have webcast them live.


January The most energetic light ever observed from a pulsar16 January A group of scientists working on the Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov MAGIC observatory, have reported the discovery of the most energetic pulsating radiation ever detected from a stellar object: This test image shows a dense cluster of stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way. Despite their close proximity, both galaxies have very distinct histories and characters.

The exact nature of CG4 remains a mystery. The international Cassini mission has spotted what appears to be a miniature extraterrestrial version of the Nile River: And Image Quality I have already mentioned.

Magnetar Formation Mystery Solved? This could provide key information about some of the most obscure regions of the Milky Way. The Eclipse wasn’t visible from Catalonia, and was best czm.web from the Pacific Ocean and bordering regions.

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This discovery has planet formation theorists challenged to explain how such a world could have formed. ServiAstro webcast its first live phenomenon 10 years ago.

While NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, orbiting around Earth, was able to observe the northern auroras in ultraviolet wavelengths, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, orbiting around Saturn, got complementary close-up views in infrared, visible-light and ultraviolet wavelengths. Read full review Verified purchase: What do we explain the electromagnetic data?


Best Price Guarantee – learn more. By unraveling how these objects, called blazars, are distributed throughout the universe, the scientists suggest that apparently distinctive properties defining each class more likely reflect a change in the way the galaxies extract energy from their central black holes.


Use this Microsoft web camera to share high-definition videos with your friends online, on social networking sites including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. This Microsoft web camera utilizes TrueColor technology to reproduce vibrant videos in ctreme colors under any lighting conditions.

Fireworks were exploding across much of North America when the storm reach its peak. The cam.wfb object of this mission is to create the most accurate galactic census of the Milky Way. Rosetta’s page on Serviastro. Quasars are extremely bright galactic centres powered by supermassive black holes.

This visualisation shows the detection by Gaia of more than 13 asteroids as the spacecraft represented by the pale blue dot scanned the sky between August and May The picture on the left shows a calm sun from Oct. This process, understood now for the first time, is necessary to prepare such gigantic stars to meet explosive demises as supernovae. The discovery confirms a long-held theory that the supernova, dubbed SN J, occurred inside what is called a binary system, where two interacting stars caused a cosmic explosion.