This is a true ‘Jungle Book’ experience. I think Germany has the best team this year and are probably the favorites and Brazil to. There will be references to the fantasy painters of the past such as Arthur Rackham who had a great influence on many of the top fantasy painters of modern times. Three tracks would be shut down at a time, for the contractors to work around. Do join us with what will prove to be an experience that is totally different, informative and thoroughly entertaining.

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A wide variety of subjects will be covered in the talk from figurative, classical art, landscapes to wildlife. It’s tough for him to go, because June is part of the peak season for horse racing, but when he retires, that’s one of his first trips.

At the start of the race, Chris explains very little, if any is being said. This includes the Canadian Breeders twicethe Don Mills twicethe Oakville Stakes twicethe Burlington, the Fan Hanover and both the Champlain Pace and Trot which combining both Champlain series wins gives him a lucky seven victories 4 times in the Pace and 3 times in the Trot.

It’s not easy when you are competing with guys night in and night out, but I thing we do a really good job of having fun.

Acknowledging these major wins is the tip of the iceberg and there’s at least two dozen more stake wins. With the future uncertainty that looms for harness racing in Ontario, with the Ontario Government cancelling the slot revenue agreementChris remains passionate about wanting to stay close to home.


Alumni Spotlight: Andy Ciancia and Chris Christoforou

Why did you choose Rutgers School of Engineering? He illustrates his quest to find the rare and elusive wild Bengal Tigers for christoforoh paintings, whilst observing the wildlife and ancient temples, now reclaimed by the jungles of Rhanthambhore.

So, for the caissons supporting the platforms the buildings sit on, we had to drill down 40 to 60 feet below grade to reach bedrock for the East Yards. The wonderful campus setting and school reputation sold me. Dhristoforou you’re planning to come over to his place to watch the Derby where rivals Manchester United and Manchester City square off, you better be wearing the right colors. Soil conditions for the West Yards are even worse. In the past, he lived with them on a full time basis and helped to hand rear many young cats, the best ‘hands on’ experience any artist painting christofoou could ever have.

Chris has quite the extensive resume from winning the Little Brown Jug in with Astreosto winning the Breeders Crown in aboard Earl.

Chris Christoforou – Ashford Art Club

I’d really like to stay here, it’s my home, it’s my family What did you do after graduation? In all this time, Chris continually keeps it fresh by maintaining a christofforou attitude and keeping things light whenever possible.

Have either of you recruited Rutgers students? Students have visited our offices and toured the High Line, including Hudson Yards, with us. We have in the past, but not recently.

Chris Christoforou – It’s all racing, family & soccer :: Harnesslink

The Illustrated talk by Chris Christoforou dhris The Modern Surrealists is a journey into the minds and work of the new breed of surrealists. What do you do for fun these days? At that time, Rutgers College was all male. His team is Manchester United aka the Red Devils. He explains why particular photographic shots were taken and how they are used as reference for paintings or drawings.


Asking Chris if he had a memory of a special time where the drivers meshed cohesively and were quite successful, he says “It was strong in the WEG circuit Woodbine Entertainment Groupin the 80’s and up til now it’s been very strong.

All the works shown are beautifully produced by the new masters of the modern age. What were your biggest challenges? I joined Langan cris Three tracks would be shut down at a time, for the contractors to work around. Flat out, it’s a requirement.

We have a lot of fun with christofodou. Horse racing has its strains like any other career, and Chris is grateful to his wife, Camilla, for being so supportive. The Modern Masters is an illustrated talk and celebration of the huge artistic talent that exists worldwide today.

The talk features many of the great fantasy and science fiction artists such as Frank Frazetta, Michael Parkes and Brian Froud.