If you can procure additional cards, then you can try to sniff on multiple channels simultaneously. Redes de Computadores 8. Enviado por Paulo Ricardo flag Denunciar. Thanks for the help! Though we have addressed WLAN sniffing in the previous paragraphs, the same applies to injection as well. The same principle applies to WLAN sniffing. Sunday August 24th, at

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D-Link DWA rev A2 – WikiDevi

Sunday September 8th, at An easier way is to use airodump-ng with options to either hop channels arbitrarily or only a subset or only selected bands. Monday March 16th, at Do you guys recommend another adapter that will work? Now fire up Wireshark and start sniffing on the mon0 interface. As you can see, packet sniffing allows us to analyze gacktrack data packets very easily.

Enter the iwconfig wlan0 command to check the capabilities of your card.


D-Link DWA-125 rev A1

February 29th, 9. DWA for Backtrack 5 R2 I see hmmm ok i got something check this post to see if your card or adapter is supported.

Chapter 2 [ 43 ] 2. Join Date Jan Beans 9.

Redes de Computadores 8. Error is not recoverable: This will ensure that we only see non-beacon packets for our lab network. Though there was mention of using the driver from the disc February 29th, 4.

In some countries, not doing so is a punishable offense. Chapter 2 [ 39 ] 7. I am not new to Linux and have never had this much trouble before. Then I type aireplay-ng -3 -b XX: XX mon0 and it begins reading the packets, but gets 0 ARP requests and 0 acks and doesn’t send any packets. February 29th, 8. Please note that after Ubuntu You can tune it to only one of the available channels at any given time.

Linux is Full with Educational Software. In my case, as we saw in Chapter 1, it is http: Hi i am using the same info that you and mint, but when i try to backtraco te package it said: February 29th, 1. This allows you to view multiple packets together, which are part of a TCP exchange, in the same connection. This would further mean that we can only sniff or inject in one channel at a backtrzck. The time now is The only thing different is that make didnt made a rtsta.


Now run the following command aireplay-ng -9 -e Wireless Lab -a This would mean this card cannot operate in Use the appropriate MAC address for your access point: This will generate data packets that Wireshark will capture: La mia DWA sta funzionando meravigliosamente.