There is a total of four3-pin jumpers two per relay on the controller board. Full functionality shall be obtained through the intranet connection allowing full administration and monitoring without the need for a local installation. During construction maintain record drawings indicating location of equipment and wiring. All the databases shall have the ability to add, delete, report, view, and edit information. Provides 14 fully configurable four-state supervised input points.

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These mappings should be usedfor the readers, inputs, and outputs when either a 1- or 2-door Add-On Board is attached to theboard-to-board connector on the controller board. Holidays shall be definable in two different holiday types thus allowing for different operational time definitions for each holiday type.

Netaaxs the power supply. A device that retrieves information stored on an access card and transmits that information to a controller.

The door access system browser shall feature full control of the system to monitor and view live honeywrll and to manually control doors and readers. Optional Remove the green ground wire and the door. The reader sends the card number to a reader input on the panel. Shall provide a mode of system operation that requires the operator to enter a response to an event when acknowledging it from the alarm view window.

The DTU enables data to be imported from an external system directly into the Security Management System database and also exported from Pro-Watch honrywell an external system.


Honeywell NX1P | ADI

Conduct a complete inspection and test of all installed access control and security monitoring equipment. Shall provide the ability to import floor plan graphics stored in a WMF format.

The card shall meet ISO specifications for length, width, thickness, flatness, card construction and durability, and shall be honeyeell a form suitable for direct two-sided dye-sublimation or thermal transfer printing on the specified badge printer. Reads standard proximity format data from OmniClass cards and outputs data as encoded. Provide quick, cost-effective, and individualized badging as an essential component of proper visitor identification.

In many access control applications a “door” may actually be a gate, turnstile, elevator door, or similar device.

The Security Management System shall support at least seven languages including English. Shall provide a simple card and card holder database import utility. Quick and complete capture of visitor information as an essential component for proper record keeping and security checks. Shall include the following features: A command file server provides text files containing device instructions that shall be stored in the noneywell files database.

The card shall support NetAXS panel shall allow configuring 17 inputs with default values. Therefore should one unit be in upgrade mode all other units will continue to operate normally. The Security Management System shall provide user functions and ADA Americans with Disabilities Act honeeywell that provides the capability to trigger an event at the Security Management System intelligent controller when a defined card is presented.



Supervised Input Terminal Blocks Supports setting of panel options such as anti-passback, groups, and key pads for providing access for the readers, input points, and output points attached to the panel. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Did you mention your dealer went out of business when you contacted Honeywell? Pull the wires from the gang box through the knockout holes in the base of the enclosure.


Definitions shall be shipped with system software but shall be capable, upon installation, of being uwb, added to, or deleted from the Security Management System. Differentiate permanent and temporary employees; limit the number of daily and concurrent visitors per host.

A minimum of such IP connections shall be allowed per communication server. Shall define the period during which a reader, card, alarm point, door, or other system feature is active or inactive. Starting work is evidence that site conditions ksb acceptable. The card is valid when hhoneywell is in the card database on the panel and the current timeand date conforms to the time zone associated with the card.

After looking, I was under the assumption the board had a USB interface could have sworn I saw one too