Hello, You can contact the guys from plotterwinkel a dutch plotter company. However, the improved electronics have allowed additions such as the curve-smoothing algorithm, which improve the quality of the curves. If pen settings can be set up in the software, it will override any settings set on the front panel. The “standard” plotting area in AutoCAD is larger than the one allowed by the plotter. Although the HP DraftPro Plus plotter has a parallel port, there may be some software applications that do not support connecting to a parallel port.

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While the HP DraftPro Plus plotter is more affordable and easier to use, the HP DraftMaster plotter offers the best combination of line quality and speed in a pen plotter.

Paper with fiber-tip and drafting pens. How do you change the power on the plotter if you want to take it to another country? Tags for this Thread not. A search on “HP-GL” will find many solutions.

HP Draftmaster II driver

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Plotter parts have been changed pinch wheels, for example. The default is A. The pinch wheels may track the ink around the drawing. When configuring your software application, you must specify your plotter model to the driver by choosing the correct device from the draftmasteer list.


I still have an old A in the garage. Can the pen force be adjusted on any of the HP DraftPro series plotters?

HP DraftPro Plus Plotter – Issues and Solutions

The Draftmxster DraftPro Plus plotter comes with a standard 1 MB buffer that allows commonly-used files to be stored in the plotter while they are being plotted average file is around KB. I’ll let you know what I find out for those interested. There is no force adjustment on the plotters. You experience clipping with AutoCAD when you select a standard media size through the software.

Using your software, put your plotter in digitizing mode. The pen holder will move across the platen.

HP Computer Museum

To optimize the performance of the plotter, choose a device from the following in order of backwards compatibility. The “standard” plotting area in AutoCAD is larger than the one allowed by the plotter.

In such cases, the plotter hhp be connected through the serial port or by plotting to a file and using the DOS copy command to use the parallel port.

Use the pen control keys to place the digitizing sight directly over the point you want to digitize. The “trailing edge” is the back end of the paper that hangs out the back of the plotter.


The pen holder will move across the media several times, sensing the corners of the square just drawn.

The HP DraftPro Plus plotter has also incorporated new features such as higher speed and acceleration, a Centronics port and a new industrial design. Hello, You can contact the guys from plotterwinkel a dutch plotter company. Any product is usually supported by the manufacturer.

HP DraftMaster I, II, SX, RX and MX Plotters – Plotter Calibration | HP® Customer Support

And compared to the HP DraftMaster plotter’s? The “leading edge” is the front end of the paper as you stand at the front of the plotter. Pull the paper-loading lever towards you to raise the pinch wheels.

David; I hate to throw anything away. When trying to plot with sheets up to 1. If the pen settings speed, thickness, etc.

How to Put the Pen Away. The short menu the default displays the most basic and commonly-used options. When this process is complete, the plotter will display Cut page, rotate 90 degrees.