AC V Do not share an extension cord connector with other plugs This could cause electrical shock. After editing, press [Enter]. Polling reception Press [ON]. Press [Setting], [Store Doc Settings]. Some versions do not support the language conversion.

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Enter the link to the FTP server. Page The underlined settings are the factory defaults. Posted on Jan 24, Be the first to answer.

Muratec Mfxd | Mfx :: Mfx :: – Detailed Printer Specifications

Press [I-Fax] or [e-mail] for the individual settings of internet fax and e-mail. Periodically clean your machine as instructed in this manual. If you want to register more shortcuts, repeat the procedures from step 5.

Printef [Print] from the File menu. Press [Prev] or [Next] and select the desired function. Select an address book entry number using [ ] or the numeric keys. Press [Enter] twice to return to the standby mode. Press the program one-touch number you want to delete.


Fix toner cartridge back when u are done. Create a new outgoing message on your answering machine.

E-mail addresses registered in the address book will not appear in the mail his- tory. Table Of Contents Document and paper handling Page 91 – Manual transmission non-memory transmis Page – Polling a document using a subaddress an Specifying the document size to copy If the document size exceeds the size set, only the default scan range will be copied.

Deleting directly from the address book Zoom Use this function to reduce or enlarge the document image. Another term for subaddressing is F-code, which Muratec uses on the machine display and in the instruction manual. When the protect passcode is set, use the numeric keys to enter the protect passcode and press [Enter].

Muratec MFX-1430 Brochure

Faxing Chapter Faxing Before sending Table Of Contents phone dialing type Time Display Displays the current muraatec, time and amount of fax memory and Memory available. Error codes Dialing errors D. Press [Enter] to save the setting.


Select desired mode, and then murattec [Enter]. To delete another destination, repeat steps 3 to 4. Use [ ] or the numeric keys to enter the department code.

When copied onto When copied onto Document orientation paper The contents settings for batch transmission boxes that contain any docu- ments cannot be changed.

Muratec MFX-1430 Black & White Copier

Page 88 Sending a fax using the document glass Set the document on the document glass. Duplex copying of a one-sided document 1: If you want to scan to multiple FTP shortcuts, select the [Broadcast] prior to destination selec- tion. You can even choose muartec Group Members] to select a destination that is not associated with a group. The number of pages used for each function will be displayed.